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Just Thoughts. :]

I'm strange.
I hate veins and I hate needles.
Yet I love to cut myself.
I cut around my veins.
When you first see and meet me, I'm all smiles.
I've been told I'm a "prep".
I don't dress "emo". [skinny jeans count?]
but I heard that "emo" is out. now "scene" is just left.
Oh boy. People are so fucking stupid.
They call themselves "scene" because they think they're being "different" and "unique", when in fact they're not.
I remember a certain person found out that I cut myself and they started making fun of me saying "cut preppy cut!"
I wonder who still thinks or knows I cut.
I cut myself last night with scissors. It was the first time in 2 months.
Ah well. Fail again.
I haven't been praying to God lately. I think I'm gonna start doing that more often now.
Just been busy or forgetting to.
I want to watch Teen Mom right now, but I'm supposed to my writing my english paper.
Does anyone else watch Teen Mom? :D
Well. This entry was about nothing.
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