despairscall (despairscall) wrote in scar_myself,

Depression and I can't stop it

Well I'm new I suppose I should do an intro of myself? Well first off, my name's Jess, and I cut and also suffer from depression. My family is problematic, and my mother drinks a lot, so when ever I'm near her, I kinda pay for it. My father on the other hand, is just angry every time he comes from work...

I'm sick of being alone all the time, I mean my own parents can't even stand the sight of me, and I pay for it with bruises. They're the one who led me to cutting. It's so hard not to. Every day I wake up and can't stand the sight of myself. As my parents repeatedly say, I shouldn't have been born. And in addition to cutting, and being deeply depressed, I also hallucinate due to stress from it. I can't take things much longer. I'm so glad that fall is near, now i can wear long sleeves and not be looked at funnily. I wear it during the summer to hide other marks..
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