ReikaNeko (reikaneko) wrote in scar_myself,

I just notice that this community hasn`t been updating in a long time. Well I never introduced myself, so I thought it would be a good idea to post. My name is Anna but I prefer my LJ username instead. I`m 13 years old and I`m a shorty. xD SHORT PRIDE! I`m bi/pansexual, but that does not mean I want to "do it" with every person I see. Although I want to confess I never went out with any body, I always been afraid to ask people out. :P And I`m not on this site for any dating reason XD

I self injure, I haven`t done it in slightly over a month. (Last time I was about may 7.) I don`t know if I`ll ever stop. I already spend most of first quarter of 7th grade cutting myself in the bath room. And not to mention I started hanging out with a girl who lied to me and gets in trouble. When we both hung out, we didn`t get in major trouble such as ending up in jail. I don`t hang out with her anymore since I told her that we couldn`t friends. I really have nothing else to say now, so I guess I`ll end this entry. :/
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