paisley_rose92 (paisley_rose92) wrote in scar_myself,

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i feel so so alone.
even when im surrounded by people i know, i still feel like im the only one.
i cut myself to feel alive..
anything would be better than this numbness.
people dont understand...
its not like i plan to do it to hurt people... its more like it just happens.

my boyfriend who i love with all my heart has never found out about my cutting before.
i hadnt done it in a while and then when everything got fcked up i just did it without thinking..
i was taken to the hospital and when he found out he wouldnt talk to me, wouldnt look at me..
which made me feel i needed to punish myself through selfharm.

im so fcked up.

i want out off all this shit.
it feels like im on a train and im trying to get off, i want to so bad, but i can't..
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