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You had my heart but it was mistreated.
You come back and my will retreated.
How come i can't just run away?
I know you will never have the balls to stay.
I doubt you'll ever prove me wrong.
But first loves always last so long.
This love i feel may never die.
No matter how hard that i might try.
But repression and strength will carry me on.
Until the memory of you is almost gone.
Then once i feel i've gotten smart,
You'll find a way back into my heart.
Something reason and thought can not deny.
No matter how many times i tell myself that lie.
Heart vs. head i know who will lead.
I am controlled by emotions. I will never be freed.

He doesn't even textt me anymore.. he really doesn't care. i can't believe it's really all over. I'm so hurt an i feel so alone. I don't want to hurt my self anymore! i just cry an shack i shack so much because all i want is my razor, the temptation is just so much its like a drug an give in.. i try not to but i can't help it i need it i really do. Maybe it will make the pain go away from good. Thats what i need thats what i want. I want the pain to just go away. to stop.. can anyone make it go away?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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